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Los Presidentes Rocos

Well it's back, not much here for the moment but still tryin to find out what my content will be yet. As you know Kyto, aka me, and LPR were the only home of the monster P.U.S.A. MP3 Collection. Now those files remain in tact but issues such as storage, bandwidth, and copyrights have made it quite difficult to conintue as i would like to.

So.... for now the next chapters appears to be as such. I will put acouptwotree files online every 2, count em 2 weeks. When new ones go up, old ones come down. It's the only way folks. I will be working on making a submission form for the songs I see fit (or all of them , depends how I feel , alright).

If you have a better idea email me , Kyto, maybe i can get one ofthose killer froggies out there so contact the guys and see if theres anything they would like to see put into circulation or would like to get for themselves if it so happns they dont't have a copy.

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